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pitcher program


Off-Season Program developed by Ryan Kulik

arm care velocity program

TCP Arm Care Velocity Program 


Official start dates for TCP are December 27th and 28th - Reserve your spot below!


Program Includes: 

  • [30] 2 Hour Sessions

  • Three [3] sessions/week M/W/F or T/R/S

  • Full Body Assessment with video analysis 

  • Proper Arm Care and Warm-up Routine

  • Drills to Improve Velocity and Strength

  • Focus on Mental and Physical Preparation

  • Life Skills and Motivation  


High School Program Cost: $1250

2 Days/Week Cost: $1050


Arm Care Velocity Program

Thank you for REGISTERING! We look forward to a productive offseason!

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TCP Alumni Testimonials


The Complete Pitcher Program has helped me prepare for college baseball. I learned the importance of arm care exercises, strength and conditioning protocol, and baseball specific drills that I implement daily into my routine. The Complete Pitcher Program is great for any serious pitcher who wants to take their game to the next level. 

Nick Snyder 

- West Virginia University 


I would first like to thank Ryan Kulik and The Complete Pitcher Program and all it has done for me as an athlete. As a 7th grader I began to work with this program and have continued to return year after year. I live in Smyrna Delaware and made the drive to The Complete Pitcher three nights a week without a thought of working with anyone else. Due to the time and effort Ryan Kulik has put into this program he has helped me strive as a pitcher. Each and every year I have grown as not only a pitcher, but a student in the class room because of the guidance of Ryan Kulik. The Complete Pitcher program has taught me numerous things such as pitching fundamentals, arm care, and the mental toughness it takes to get to the next level. By trusting the process of The Complete Pitcher I made it to the next level, playing Division 1 Baseball. I strongly recommend The Complete Pitcher Program to any athlete looking to take their talents to the next level. The Complete Pitcher has taught me to never be satisfied and there is always something to
work towards.
Jeremy Carrow
- Delaware State University



Before I joined the complete pitcher program, I had many ups and downs in my career. With a big build and a decently strong arm, in my young career I was able to dominate kids with a fastball and that’s pretty much it. Because of my early success, I never took the time to perfect my craft and soon, everyone was throwing just as hard as me, if not harder. This frustrated me because I used to be a big fish in a small pond but now everyone was on an equal playing field. Additionally, I was constantly battling injuries. In the winter of my senior year, I had to have wrist surgery that could have potentially kept me out for my entire last season. After successful rehab, I needed to make up from a lost winter of work. This is when I first started to attend the Complete Pitcher Program. From the very first session with Ryan, I noticed immediate differences. Not only was I throwing harder, but I was mentally stronger on the mound than I had ever been in my whole life. I had the mentality that I could get anyone out and was always better than the opposition. I credit my entire senior season to the work of Kulik. I went on to have a 0.00 ERA with only 5 hits given up in 19 innings of work. Even as a college athlete, I still text Ryan all the time with questions because he knows me better than I know myself as a pitcher. The Complete Pitcher is the best developmental program in the South Jersey area.
Jarrad Delarso
- Richmond University


When I started working with Ryan it was around 6th or 7th grade, I came in as a tall, lanky, and uncoordinated kid that overall just did not look athletic in the slightest...all I did was throw hard. Ryan saw that in me and began his long journey on trying to get me to reach that untapped potential. It was hard on both ends but looking back at it now, I have never met someone with more persistence and devotion than him. I was known as “Wild Thing” growing up and I never could control anything including my own body. It was embarrassing going on the mound sometimes because I knew that I was going to come off the rubber towing 3+ runs, 3+ HBP’s, and an absurd amount of walks. I lost faith in myself many times but every time I went to work with Ryan as my pitching coach I could feel myself getting better. My terrible mechanics became more polished, my love for the game grew, my confidence rose, and all I did was come to him as much as possible and gave him all I got every time. In terms of pitching, besides my family, he is the only one who was loyal enough to stick with me the whole time. All the remedial and excruciating exercises were tough, but they created a baseball “Pitcher” in me and I secretly thank him for that everyday. I came from a frail child who was coddled by his Mom to a man who created opportunities at any cost. I was a projected top five rounder out of high school (although, I injured myself in an unrelated baseball scenario) and went onto play in college instead. I started as a freshman in the rotation at the D1 level and took my team to the championship in the semifinals conference games, I went to Cape Cod to play baseball with the best players in the world, and now I am here. Still texting Ryan for advice and currently asking him to workout in the winter with him to “get better”. Heed my advice, stick with this guy...he’ll get you there.
Brandon Jenkins
- Campbell University

I first started working with the Complete Pitcher Program when I was as a sophomore at St. Augustine Prep. At the time I was making the jump to the varsity level and needed guidance on how to be prepared for the next step. As a young player it was important for me to realize that the mental side of the game is just as important as the physical. The Complete Pitcher Program was able to help me reach my peak performance in both of these aspects. The intense workouts paired with time spent discussing game situations helped me to consistently make big strides in the weight room and on the mound. During my time with Coach Kulik I not only learned how to pitch, but also how to prepare before games and stay focused throughout many big games. With his help I was able to reach the Division 1 level and still use many of the tricks he taught me.
Kevin Eaise
-University of Pennsylvania



The Complete Pitcher program is a time in the offseason that you get excited for working hard to become a better pitcher and overall athlete. TCP gets you ready to play physically and mentally. This will be my third year doing the program and it’s helped my arm tremendously. I never get sore anymore which allows me to bounce back faster. TCP helps increase velocity and maintain a healthy arm. I never felt better. It allows you to be at your best when your ready to attack your dream of playing in college or professionally. In my case, keep it alive.

Darren Fischer
-Drafted by the Anaheim Angels and Tampa Bay Rays (Currently playing independent ball)


I remember my parents having a conversation with me when I was 12 about my future as a pitcher. I remember them saying "we can't  do anything about your size & velocity thats up to God. The best thing we can offer, to help you achieve your dreams is form." That is when we began looking for a pitching coach. My parents not knowing where to begin decided to send an email to Kenneth M. Dickson  head baseball coach at Rowan University. It was an extremely long email but to summarize it for you the sentiment was "we are looking for someone who is going to care about the success of our child and not just interested in taking our money.” His response “Ryan Kulik.” He was absolutely, correct!! First, thing coach Kulik did was change my form. Second, I was not allowed to throw any breaking pitches and finally I had to adhere to pitch count restrictions. I struggled at first and my parent began to question their decision but we stayed the course and it was the best decision we ever made!

Through all this what coach kulik has taught me and my family is that this is not a sprint, its a marathon. This is a long term process but as long as we "Trust the Process" we will be successful and thats exactly what we are seeing. Not only has has coach Kulik been instrumental  in the development of my form he has also been instrumental in my development as “Complete Pitcher.” What I have learned is “YES” we all want to have success every time we step on the mound but that is not realistic. We need to be able to adjust to whats going on during a game, we need to keep our emotions under control and we need to know how to “pitch.”

I have found from working with coach Kulik that my confidence comes from knowing that I have prepared as hard as I possible could have and because of that I can live with any outcome of the game. If at the end of the game i do not like the results, I call coach Kulik and we work harder. Other than my parents nobody has contributed more to my development and success  as a pitcher than coach Kulik. To summarize.. Coach Ryan Kulik and the Complete Pitcher program has been the best decision my family and have ever made!

My baseball resume year to date (15 years old):
- #1 2021 pitcher in the state of New Jersey
- #8 2021 pitcher in the country
- Top 98.9% velocity in the country
- 2018 summer travel ball stats -  played 15u/16u/17u -  32IP 63K 12BB 4H 1R 0ER
- Perfect Game WWBA stats for the past 2 years - 20IP 41K 5BB 4H 0ER 1R
- Varsity pitcher for Gloucester catholic High School as a Freshman
- Was the winning pitcher for Gloucester Catholics 19th State Championship title -5IP 11K 4BB 4H 0R
- Committed to the University of North Carolina as a Freshman in High School

To quote coach Kulik “ We’re not done yet!”

Thanks, Coach Kulik!! 

Anthony Solometo

- UNC Chapel Hill Commit 

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