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All Pro Baseball and Softball Academy


Professional Baseball Training Facility

All Pro Baseball and Softball Academy was established in 2008. We are a full service training facility with professional instruction, access to a fitness center, and one of the largest baseball and softball training facilities in the area. 

At All Pro, we offer professional hitting, pitching, and fielding lessons to players at all levels.  On an individual level, our goal is to maximize the potential of every player. Everything starts with good a foundation in place. There are movements through the kinetic chain that remain consistent among high level players.


Players must set goals and maintain focus during their training. Along with the physical demands of baseball, the mental component is equally as important. Putting extra time to develop your skills will always yield a more confident athlete on and off the field. 

On a team level, All Pro's mission is to provide a first class training facility. We are unaffiliated and do not have in-house teams at All Pro. Every team that trains at our facility will always feel welcomed and at home. 

All Pro Baseball and Softball Academy
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