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LESSONS and INDIVIDUAL RENTALS: If you miss a scheduled lesson or individual rental without prior notice, the session will be deducted from your package. For those without a package, the full session amount will be charged to your account, and any negative balance must be settled before booking the next session. Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel.

TEAM RENTALS: A one-week notice is required to avoid a deducted session for team rentals. Failure to notify us and not showing up will result in a deducted session.

CLINICS: Due to the low player-to-instructor ratio, refunds are not permitted for camps or clinics. However, you can transfer the registration fee to a teammate or friend for that specific clinic.

WEBSITE PAYMENT REFUNDS: Payments made through our website may be refunded less than the processing fee  kept by the payment processor. 


INCLEMENT WEATHER: If you plan to cancel a reservation due to bad weather, kindly inform us in advance. The missed session will then be credited to your account and extended to the end of your scheduled sessions.

All Pro Baseball and Softball Academy
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